Schumer and the Democrats Shut Down the Government Over Illegal Immigrants

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The American people and their soldiers in uniform will not have access to their necessary services this weekend because Democrats are throwing a tantrum.

The word “treason” is bandied about a lot these days, but what would actual treason look like? In this case, a minority party, with help from RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), have shut down the American government because they are upset about DACA.

You might ask: why would an American political party care so much about the fate of another nation’s citizens?

Ask Schumer: he will cry and tell you that it’s a labor of love.

You’d be a fool to believe him.

The plain truth is that new immigrants to this country from south of the border vote socialist. And they don’t just vote a little socialist — they vote heavily socialist.

Every shithole country they flee from is socialist, so it stands to reason that these new arrivals would be smart enough to realize that more socialism will not improve their lives.

But that’s the catch — these new immigrants are low-IQ, low agency. This isn’t an opinion, it’s validated by all available IQ metrics. The average illegal immigrant from south of Texas has a standard IQ one standard deviation (or fifteen points) lower than the average American citizen.

It might not sound like a lot, but it’s the difference between possessing the agency to appreciate American liberty and possessing no agency at all.

It should go without saying that if even one new immigrant in five was willing to vote for Republicans, Democrats would be screaming about foreign collusion and demanding a wall so high that it would rival Game of Thrones.

But that isn’t the case. They know it, we know it.

This is demographic replacement: the average American is simply too smart to vote for a socialist Democrat. The average American citizen loves his liberty and values his autonomy.

So what is the Democratic response?

Shut down their services and starve them out while bringing in as many million replacement voters as possible. Since Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Shithole Immigration bill, Democrats have brought in over 40 million of these replacement voters.

 If this trend is not reversed, then Americans will be strangers in their own land by the end of this century,

The word “treason” gets bandied about a lot lately, but I can imagine nothing more treasonous than that.