Jerusalem Syndrome: Terror Attacks Shock Americans Into Thinking About Culture

Winston Churchill said that war was how Americans learn geography. That may have been true then, but now we learn nothing from war. We might, however, learn from terror — an emotion our wars rarely provoke in us. Terror teaches about culture. So put it in the open, provoke the enemies. Dangerous at home, and no enemy is more dangerous than one who can hide in plain sight. A true friend stabs you in the front, as Oscar Wilde wrote — a bitter enemy hides himself among the crowd, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Jerusalem is more than a city: it is bait. Jerusalem will lure our worst enemies into the open. Anger over Jerusalem will lure them into making rash and irrational moves against us. This is to our advantage.

There was an explosion at Port Authority today. Though the official story has not yet been hammered out by the police and their media-dogs, it is clear enough for those who know. Retaliation for Jerusalem. Resentment for American prosperity. But we have reason to be cheerful — it was a rash and ineffective attack. It was an attack of desperation and anger — precisely the sort of attacks we wish to provoke: Desperate, stupid, and no fatalities.

If “hatred” is the accusation, remember that blessed are those that are hated for God. This is what it means to love your enemy. It doesn’t mean renting him an apartment at the taxpayer expense or letting him fuck your wife. Only an enemy suggests: “Do this, or there will be violence!” This is the mentality of all criminals and their sympathizers. We refused and now there is violence. We will respond in kind. If only all our enemies had but one neck for the millstone!

Tolerance is the last virtue that we should want now; indeed, it is the buddhistic remnants that are left when all positive virtues are lost. This is a war, it is our duty to be intolerant to those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit — that is, those who blaspheme truth, love and right-action proceeding therefrom, the essence goodness itself — the core of Christian philosophy.

Rather than tolerance, we should be preaching provocation at every opportunity. Do not abide the presence of enemies hiding among us — draw them out! Boast of Jerusalem openly. Refute the lie that Islam has any claim over it. Draw the false prophet in the streets. Desecrate the Qu’ran. In other words — exercise your free speech, while Caesar’s pretenders allow you it. Do we do this because we hate Islam? No. We do this because we hate those who would put their religion above our great civilization. We want to know where our enemies are — so draw them out!

It’s going to be a long war. It’s going to require the vigilance of every man and woman, military and civilian, to win. Whoever is unwilling to fight does not deserve to be part of our great civilization — so cast them out. Pacifism in the face of evil is an affront to Christ. It would perhaps be nicer if this bloodshed could be avoided, but we have not been given that option. This, perhaps above all, has been forgotten by modern Christians — the nice option is not always the best option for the sake of justice. It is unjust to remain still when love and insurrection is called for. In the immortal words of Thomas Paine: we fight, we kill, so that our children may live in peace.