Trump Acknowledges Jerusalem and Terrorists Respond With Terror

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Jerusalem is about as “Islamic” as the Hagia Sophia.


After almost 40 years, the United States will finally acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move our embassy there — something previous presidents have promised but failed to deliver. This unilateral decision from Trump, condemned by much of the rest of the Western world, will have consequences that unfold over the coming decades.

In response, Hamas has called for terror. I can usually tell that Trump is doing something right when the international community is in lock-step against him. Like Hollywood, morally pontificating on their own righteousness while assaulting each other in the dark, the international community is entirely incapable of recognizing their own sins. This is the same international community that has advocated the same failed “two-state solution” over the past 40 years. Why should we take any advice from leaders of nations who refuse to even acknowledge the welfare of their own people over foreign migrants? Let our weak and simpering allies spit blood: I like Trump best when he’s being condemned.

The usual threats from the Islamic world — “submit to our demands or we’ll commit acts of terror” — ring hollow after so long. Acts of terror will be committed either way, no matter what solution one advocates. Even if one is inclined to be sympathetic to the Palestinian situation, it would be dishonest not to acknowledge that a two-state peace was never possible. The plain fact is that Islam has no legitimate claim to Jerusalem. Like the wisdom of Persian Iran and the Hagia Sophia, marauding Islam steals something and then claims they created it. I’ve had enough of their lies. One can say that it belongs to Moses, or to Christ, or even to Titus Flavius — but it never belonged to Mohammad.

President Trump is a man of action and not particularly known for his great stores of patience. So, when he recognized an opportunity to do something truly Presidential — that is, take action — it should come as no surprise that he acted, and most of the rest of the world condemned him for it. Now there are uprisings in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Blood will be spilled — regrettable and inevitable. Still, I am glad. It is better that we bear this cross now than leave it to our children to suffer through.