No, Justice For A Murdered Daughter Is Not An “Alt-Right” Position

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What if it was your daughter who bled out in your arms?

It seems like every day we’re given a new reason to be less trusting and more suspicious of any fact or opinion whose source is the mainstream media or its lick-spittle politicians. The tragic murder of Kate Steinle and the disgusting media circus that allowed her killer to walk free is only the latest assault upon the decency of this nation. As though the liberal insult to justice was not enough, now they are going after Kate Steinle’s memory. Small memorials have been erected on the pier where Kate was murdered while walking with her family. The media has wasted no time denouncing these memorials “Alt-Right” and demanding that they be torn down and desecrated.

Kate Steinle was 34 years old, walking along Pier 14 in California, when she was shot through the back by a five-times deported career criminal from Mexico named Jose Ines Garcia Zarate. She bled to death while being cradled in her father’s arms as they waited in vain for an ambulance to arrive. She was buried, seemingly without notice from anyone except the President and the “deplorable” people of this country. Liberals love their “Dreamers,” but not one will go on record to acknowledge that Kate Steinle had dreams, too.


The mainstream media and California politicians saw this murder as more evidence that Trump’s position on border sovereignty is legitimate — so they buried it behind sensational headlines for fake news and Russia baiting nonsense. When Trump spoke about Steinle’s murder at his rallies, the media accused him of race-baiting. When Steinle’s degenerate murderer was finally brought to his day in court, the jury saw it as an opportunity of spiting Donald Trump — they denied justice for Kate Steinle and let her murderer walk free.

Apparently, in liberal eyes, wanting justice is now an “Alt-Right” position. If that’s what they want, then so be it: anyone who lives their life within the law and expects the law to be upheld is now “Alt-Right.” Anyone who has a daughter and would demand justice if she was murdered is now “Alt-Right.” Anyone who is disgusted by the liberal betrayal of both justice and Kate Steinle is now “Alt-Right.”

Is this how justice is served in liberal America? A young girl is murdered by a degenerate criminal who had no legal right to be in this country and liberals are more concerned about making illegal murderers “look bad” than about getting justice for their own citizens.

It seems to me that the Alt-Right position has never looked so reasonable, so American, or so just.