Trump is Right — America Cannot Afford Another Liberal

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On Tuesday, President Trump broke his silence regarding Roy Moore and answered definitively: “America cannot afford another liberal.” He’s right. We are living through the most politically polarized time in American history since the Civil War. Perhaps we are even living through a cold civil war. Those who have maintained power since the 1960s — that is, academics, media-elite, and globalist politicians, are now in wain. And boy do they hate it.

Of course, the globalist neo-liberals believe that the sky is falling. Any break from the post-war liberal hegemony over the flow of information terrifies the left-wing because control over information — which means control over not only the present and the future, but also the past — is the source of all their power. Break the neo-liberal stranglehold on information and you break neo-liberalism.


Politically, neo-liberalism lost the argument in the 1960s. All their programs have been disastrous failures. Their “War on Poverty” sucked 20 trillion dollars (adjusted for inflation) away from American exceptionalism and redistributed it to the inner-cities. What is the result? Ghettos, single-parent households, rampant criminality. We haven’t been to the Moon since — nor have we embarked on any great enterprises worthy of a great civilization. We have liberals to thank for this.

Since the 1960s, the globalist neo-liberals find themselves in a difficult position. True Americans refuse to vote for their conniving, mawkish socialism, because we’re educated enough to know where it leads — Venezuela,. What is the neo-liberal solution, then? Import ignorant voters from the socialist third-world, in particular Mexico, and they’ll be voting for socialism for the next 100 years.


 It’s no coincidence that the demographics of America have shifted so radically in the last two generations, from roughly 95% white from 1650 to 1960, to more than 25% Latino in 2017. Neo-liberals name this “progress” — why? Because it helps them “progress” their globalist agenda.

To aid in their nation-destroying effort, the media — and the media has always been neo-liberal — will permit any lies and slander that help their political pay-masters take power. Hence the current situation in Alabama, with the honorable Roy Moore beset on all sides by 40 year-old accusations mysteriously arising just weeks before a critical election against a globalist neo-liberal.

Trump, being a legendary media-connoisseur, sees through the lying scoundrels at once, and so must all honest and true Americans learn to see through the lying media if we’re going to steer this nation from disaster. We cannot afford another neo-liberal “War on Poverty”, we cannot to waste any more blood or treasure on utopian schemes of the left — and we cannot afford another liberal in power. Not in Alabama, not in Washington, not anywhere.