As Sexual Misconduct Fallout Spreads, Mike Pence’s Rule Begins To Make Sense

Between man and woman, there is always tension. This is no accident; the species was designed to work this way. It is this tension between the genders that produces the desired effect — arousing the desire for love, faith, and even childbirth. Like a string drawn taut over an instrument, it is this tension that produces either music, or discord — and without tension, no sound is even possible.

Liberal minds love to mock the “antiquated” Victorian notions of sexual morality. In its place, they have promoted — in the words of Ayn Rand after Woodstock: “Free love on a hill, strewn all over with feces.” We cannot at the same time promote this kind of lifestyle and also wonder why we are committing infanticide in such numbers to make the Carthaginians blush, or why there are so many single women and single mothers, or why more than half of our formerly sacred marriages now end in divorce and debt slavery in the form of alimony.


Mike Pence follows the Billy Graham rule — he does not permit himself to be alone with a woman who is not his wife unless his wife is also present. Liberals mock and jibe and accuse him of sexism, proving just how little they really understand about men and women. Mike Pence understands that the tension is real and only a fool would ignore it at his peril.

People living through the Victorian era were smarter than our liberals of today — no surprise — and they understood the inherent tension between men and women. Their means of controlling this tension was a strict sexual morality. The results speak for themselves — Victorians had stable families, stable marriages, and love that lasted an entire lifetime. Our modern liberals can barely conceive of love that lasts for a single turn of the moon. Some disturbed individuals even call this capriciousness in love “female liberation.”

America is currently in the grips of a hysteria that shows no sign of passing before the turn of the year. If all the allegations are to be believed, men — mostly Democrats — have been behaving very badly. Yet all of this might have been avoided, for every man whether his name is Harvey Weinstein or Louis C.K. — and all that we had to do was take the reality of men and women seriously. For those allegations that are not true — and assuredly there are some — they also would have been avoided by following the advice of the so-called “sexist” Victorians and “sexist” Mike Pence. Men: Don’t be alone with a woman who is not your wife. Women: don’t be alone with a man who is not your husband.


Men and women were not meant to fraternize together. This isn’t an opinion, we have at least ten thousand years of recorded civilization as our evidence. Throughout this long history, the roles and the associations of men and women were strictly separated: men worked and interacted with other men, while women worked and interacted with other women. Both developed strong communal ties by this method, and impropriety was kept to an absolute minimum. Most importantly: both were happier for it.

Ever since Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique” was released in 1963, the self-reported happiness of women has been in a free fall. This is the real war on women. Only a liberal idiot claims this is because of the mythical “patriarchy.” In truth, it is because we have ceased in doing what we have always done — separating the genders — and by surcease, we have thrown disharmony and discord into our souls. How many women’s lives have been ruined by feminism, how many men have been destroyed by alimony? It will never be known.

Rather than continuing to follow the liberal marching orders of “free love and feces,” why not try something radically new? Like most new things, it is actually radically old and perennial to our species: sexual morality and the delineation between men and women. Sexual misconduct, feminism, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, infanticide and alimony — all these things could be ended within a single generation if we simply adopted the wisdom that our great-grandparents knew.


Men and women are not the same. We are different because our differences produce the harmony that produces life. However, this harmony can turn to discord if it is not controlled. Our ancestors produced high-civilizations, grand politics, and God. Liberals have produced only misery and death.

So why do we keep listening to them?