Democrats Trying To Impeach Trump Will Only Make Him Stronger

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This is why the Founders didn’t give just anyone the right to vote.

How much more evidence do we need that the neo-liberal establishment wants the country to fail? Five bogus articles of impeachment were brought against President Trump on Wednesday — with zero chance of success. An ugly posturing, nothing more. In 1998 Democrats clapped and cheered for scandal-embroiled Bill Clinton, a serial sex offender and possible rapist — but Trump is a bridge too far. Why? Simply this: Trump, unlike his predecessor Bill Clinton, actually believes in America. Trump believes in the philosophy under-girding America: that of self-reliance and exceptionalism, of dreaming big and doing great things.

Democrats accuse Trump of “offenses against the Constitution,” but their own offenses against both the Constitution and the People of the United States smells of corpses and corruption. How many have died as a direct result of their “open borders” and their sanctuary cities? What do Democrats believe in? Judging by their record since 1960, Democrats believe in destroying the black community to make them dependent on government welfare and reliable voters for the Democrats. They believe in unnecessary and prolonged war whenever it serves “global interests,” which means George Soros and company. They believe in open borders — they have to, because the native white population of America simply will not vote for Democrats. Open borders is a government program, nothing more; Democrats are forced to import their voters from socialist third world countries who will reliably vote for failed Democratic socialist programs in America.

Trump is a fly in their ointment — they wanted Hillary Clinton, they wanted the neo-liberal status quo, they wanted the TPP, the Paris Agreement, and globalism. They wanted, in short, to rob Americans of their individual liberty and turn them all into interchangeable economic units for their commercial interests.

Trump wanted America for rightful Americans — so Trump has to go, sayeth the Democrats.


Are you waking up to the scam yet? Take the red pill. Democrats are not a political party, they’re a conspiracy of global financiers. They have no interests whatsoever except to impoverish the American people at the behest of global speculators. If Americans complain, what does that matter? They’ve been working on replacing Americans with third world foreigners since Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act — and they have made astounding progress. In 1960 California was a Republican state — hard to imagine today, but it’s true. America has always been a conservative-leaning country and this is anathema to the globalist ambitions of the Democrats. So import, import, import — flood the streets with the unwashed and the ignorant, wreck the education system, cripple the economy — and California will vote Democrat for the next 200 years.

This is what the Founders understood: if you give every man a right to vote, then one party can simply import their voters from somewhere else and rig the entire system. This is why the clause about owning property was so critical — the Founders were prescient, and they foresaw the dangers ahead, and they knew that if America was going to be for Americans, checks and balances had to be maintained. Remove those checks and balances and we get Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


But what Democrats haven’t counted on is the total collapse of their narrative. The false tongues and the paid pens in the media — all of whom are either Democratic donors, or on the Democratic payroll — have experienced a total collapse in support since Trump was elected. We the People are finally waking up to the reality of the Democrat’s scam, but waking up is not enough. We have to fight them. At the ballot boxes and in our homes, we have to fight them. We can no longer afford to send our children to their “public schools” where they are indoctrinated to trust the liberal establishment. We can no longer afford to allow even one Democrat to remain at any level of state and local politics. They all have to go.

They will not succeeded in their effort to impeach the leader of the free world, but they will be back, and in greater numbers. That’s why we must be prepared for their next attack. We have to sweep them from their elected offices. We have to redouble our pledge to Trump for the next seven years, and make it clear to our elected officials that anyone who tries to impede the will of the People will be removed in 2018. We have to breathe smoke. From now on our thoughts must be bloody — or nothing worth.

America stands behind the real Man of the Year: Donald J. Trump.