ROY MOORE: Because People Are Finished With Washington Elites

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Mitch McConnell wants Moore to go away. Moore and the People want Mitch McConnell to go fuck himself.

It seems that no one in Washington can quite understand how Roy Moore is still running for Senate in Alabama. Without any evidence or due process, the Washington elite and their media lapdogs have pronounced Roy Moore guilty. They demand that he end his campaign. But, Trump supporters in Alabama are too familiar with this tactic to take the bait — because the same thing happened to Trump in the weeks before the most important election in US history. We’ve been inoculated to the “Bernie Bernsteins” of politics.

When the “Billy Bush Tapes” were released, allegations arose and Washington elite brought out their clubs. Everyone expected Trump to end his campaign, thus assuring the continuation of the corrupt Clinton dynasty.

Then something occurred that took everyone unawares: Trump refused to concede. He refused to give crooked Hillary Clinton her easy victory to the Presidency.

He remained — despite all odds, he remained. And he won, decisively, overwhelmingly, crushing the candidate of the Washington insiders and the lying media in one fell blow. Now public trust for both Washington and the media are at historic lows. The public is not stupid. Roy Moore, being a keen political observer, has taken the “Trump strategy” and is refusing to concede.

And the people of Alabama are behind him. The latest polling gives Moore a six-point advantage over his far-left establishment rival.

In an earlier article, I wrote that journalism is indistinguishable from propaganda. I did not mean that truth does not exist, but rather that truth does not exist in the mouths of journalists and politicians. Roy Moore is a case in point: whether or not the allegations against him are true or false can never be known. The allegations are forty years old, his accusers are compromised by their political loyalties, and the media is compromised by their utter hatred of Roy Moore.

Whether or not the forty-year-old allegations are true, to reveal them mere weeks before an election is a political hit job, plain and simple. Trump supporters know it and Roy Moore supporters know it. “Bernie Bernstein” may not be a real person, but he is emblematic of the media-at-large. The people have seen through Bernie Bernstein’s rhetoric. The populace is finished with manipulation and lies.

This is what a populist revolution looks like. It’s not “left vs. right”, for those are the forced dichotomies that keep cheap insiders like the Bushes and the Clintons in power. Fundamentally, populism relies on the power of the people against the elite. Trump has overthrown the tables, and a populist wave will follow behind him. Roy Moore is only the beginning. Washington and its media are poisonous, and the We the People are the purgative to cure our Republic.