The Democrat’s Platform: It’s Not OK To Be Armed, or Christian, or White

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Democrats are still the racist party — only now their neo-KKK is anti-white.

When they aren’t busy trying to rob Americans of their God-given right to self-defense, Democrats are busy bringing in foreign replacements to vote for them (colloquially known as “the Great Replacement“). Hollywood, meanwhile, takes an afternoon off raping each other (except Rosie O’Donnell) to mock prayers for the Christians who were slaughtered in Texas. Is it any wonder why many white voters, particularly men, won’t vote for Democrats? To get revenge on us, every day we see another instance of what Democrats claim doesn’t exist: anti-white hatred. Unlike other forms of racial hatred, there is no social stigma against a racial hatred against white people — and liberal Democrats revel in that fact.

On the contrary, hating white people is generally rewarded in Hollywood, in the media, and certainly by the Democrats. The former First Lady Michelle Obama has been clear in a series of interviews that she thinks the problem in the country’s politics is “too many white people.” The New York Times, a so-called “respectable newspaper” didn’t think twice about running the disgusting Op-Ed: “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?” The author, a black liberal professor, claims that teaching his black children to be hateful and suspicious towards whites is the “appropriate” response to Trump.

The madness is only escalating and people are beginning to wake up to it . Yes, it’s possible to be racist towards white people; yes, the Democrats hate Christians; and yes — the Democrats hate the idea of an armed populace. But what can we do about it?

First: we can educate ourselves about what’s really going on. This is called: “taking the red-pill,” a reference to the 1998 film “The Matrix.” Let’s take hate crimes for example. Hate crimes happen, no doubt. But generally not against minorities. Hate crimes happen predominantly against white people. That’s not my opinion — the FBI agrees.

Since Trump was elected, there have been at least a dozen high-profile “hate crimes” that were proven to be fraudulent. But there’s no such thing as a “fake” hate crime — every fraudulent hate crime is actually a hate crime against white people. How could it be otherwise? White people are always blamed when these fraudulent hate crimes arise, it’s us who invariably has to suffer the consequences.

Crime statistics: Black men between the ages of 16 and 40 make up less than 3% of the population — yet they are responsible for more than half of the murders every year. Why does the media refuse to talk about this honestly? Why do they insist on pretending that members of the NRA are the problem? Because that would go against the Democratic narrative of “evil whitey.”

Reality: There is no “white privilege.” Case in point: Colin Kaepernick. He is half-white, half-black. Yet he only identifies himself as black — why? Because blacks are a liberal victim group, and that’s a privileged status. Victimhood is the only privilege in America and everybody wants it. Kaepernick doesn’t identify as white because there’s no privilege in being white. Whites are blamed, mocked, derided — never privileged in any tangible way.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of race and crime, whites are scorned when they arm themselves. No one questions it when blacks in Chicagomurder each other by the hundreds and thousands every year with illegally purchased handguns. But according to Vice President Joe Biden, the white Christian who saved dozens of lives by appearing on the scene during the Texas church massacre — never should have had that gun. According to Joe, he should have waited for the police, watching helplessly while the bodies piled up.

Just today, the Hill released an article accusing Trump of selecting judges based on the color of their skin. It doesn’t even occur to liberals that merit is a thing and that it is more important than skin color. To a rational mind, the job should go to the individual who merits it most. But to the irrational liberal mind, the job should go to the racial minority group who is least represented — unless they’re Asian. Democrats think that Asians “look too white.” This essentially translates into keeping Asians down, blacks up, and whites out.

Taylor Swift is the latest celebrity who is being called upon to apologize for her “unbearable whiteness.” When a smear campaign was launched against her for refusing to denounce her “white privilege”, Taylor fired back with a defamation lawsuit. I hope that she wins, but it’s only a symptom of the larger problem: Democrats and their pet minorities (I say “pets” because that’s how Democrats treat them — ) simply really, really hate white people.

The second thing we can do is resist. We can resist at the ballot box by refusing to vote for Democrats or Progressives. We can demand our candidates have Christian and Constitutional values as the Founders intended. We can resist Democrats in our homes by making sure that every home is defended by an AR-15 and a family that knows how to use it. It’s our right, no matter what their lying politicians claim.

Most importantly, we can resist Democrats among our friends and neighbors by not allowing anti-white hatred to go unchallenged. Speak the truth about black crime rates. Speak the truth about the Democrats’ plan to replace native white voters with foreign ones by bringing them in from the third-world. Speak the truth about the political link between Latinos, blacks and Socialism. Don’t let them go unchallenged another moment. Speak the truth — as God commands — and save this country. It’s our duty to the Constitution to be armed; it’s our duty to God to be Christian, and — dare I say it? — It’s OK to be white.