Bowe Bergdahl Represents Everything Wrong With Liberal America

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Paddock was merely a madman, but Bergdahl is truly treacherous.


Stephen Paddock was a madman and this country is better off with him dead. But Bowe Bergdahl was not mad. He didn’t suffer from a traumatic childhood, nor a notorious psychopathic bank-robber fatherBergdahl, not to put too fine a point on it, is simply evil. He is a genuine monster, an existential threat to every single citizen. This makes him far more dangerous than Paddock.

Why? Because he is a precedent for desertion, betrayal and treason. Dante would have placed Bergdahl on the lowest rung of Hell for his treachery, but in America he won’t even be chastised.

Bergdahl has not been punished; Bergdahl will never be punished. America doesn’t even take itself seriously enough to punish traitors who threaten the entire system. That’s how pathetic we have become in this neo-liberal age. Trump is right: that Bergdahl is free is a disgrace to this country. And it forebodes disaster for the future.

The question often arises: “Is America the new Rome?” Bergdahl has given us a definitive answer: No. We are not Rome — we are not even a cheap simulacrum of Rome. We are not worthy of our forebears.

Romans were men; they believed in “toxic masculinity” and the duties of virtue. Romans believed in honor, fidelity, and individual responsibility to the unit. While the Roman army was in the field, anyone who fell asleep on guard-duty or deserted was beaten to death with clubs by the entire army.

Now compare 17AD to our modern times. In 2009 while fighting in Afghanistan, Bergdahl He abandoned his men in the middle of battle. Believing he was captured, units were sent out to rescue him.


In the effort to search and rescue the traitor, Army officer Mark Allen was shot in the head and a K-9 unit was killed. Allen is now a quadriplegic and is unable to speak.

Bergdahl’s evil crime against his unit is a crime against the country and every citizen within the country. How can we imagine that we are Rome? Romans respected themselves, but Americans do not respect themselves. Will Bergdahl be beaten to death with clubs in true Roman fashion? No. Instead, he is celebrated by the liberal media and celebrated by the anti-American fifth-column within our own borders.

At the end of the day, his only penalty for weakening the entire country is a fine twenty-five times lighter than the fine for illegally downloading movies. Absolutely pathetic.


Romans believed in themselves and in their right to civilize the world. Romans believed in no civilization except Roman civilization, no law except Roman law. They had true majesty and the right to rule the world. We have nothing even close to these virtues.

I do not fear a Stephen Paddock — madmen will always exist. But I fear a civilization that honors evil men. Roman civilization would have considered Bowe Bergdahl a degenerate animal, yet many, mostly leftists, praise him. Do you see how far we have fallen?