Donna Brazile: “Democrats” Are A Political Conspiracy For Global Elites

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What was hidden has finally been brought to the light.

On Tuesday, November 2nd, Donna Brazile dropped the bombshell that shocked the established order and came as no surprise to astute observers: Hillary Clinton, with help from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, was the de facto dictator of the DNC during the 2016 election. While Clinton served in this unofficial position, she laundered money for her own campaign, bankrupted the DNC itself, and cheated her rival, Bernie Sanders, out of his rightful party nomination.

But Donna Brazile misses the larger point: the Democrats are not a political party. The Democrats are a political conspiracy. Their loyalty lies not with the American people, but only with the global elite — the same elite that Democrat trade-deals like NAFTA and the TPP have worked for decades to finance.

This claim may at first seem shocking: the Democrats, a global political conspiracy masquerading as a political party? Let me ask you: in your own observation, why do you imagine Democrats make up 8 out of 10 of Forbes richest people in the world? Why do you imagine Democrats have such tight control over print-media, television news, academies, and Hollywood? Their sole objectives are to keep globalists up, nationalists down, and whites (except the 1%) out.

Consider the specific legislation that Democrats push. In recent time, since Ronald Reagan, what have we consistently seen from Democratic policies? More global trade deals, less American industry. More international subservience, less sovereignty for American law. More homage paid to the unelected bureaucrats at the U.N. and in Brussels, less respect paid to our own elected officials and their oath to the American people.

This is the game of inches and yards played by oligarchic globalist conspirators to weaken and destroy all nationalized wealth and loyalty. Why? So they can pervert it into international bank-notes and loyalty “to humanity” — a meaningless intellectual abstraction, the same kind that was used by the Soviets on their genocidal campaigns.

How long have the Democrats been a political conspiracy? At least since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the unrepentant socialist. His “Four Freedoms” promised every man security at gun point and interment for dissidents. He used military officers to rob Americans of their sovereign wealth — gold — and gave them what in return? Little pieces of worthless paper, newly minted by FDR’s favorite unconstitutional institution, the Federal Reserve.

In FDR’s vocabulary the word “liberty” does not exist. Doesn’t this sound like the Democrats you know?

Today Democrats will still herald FDR as a hero of their movement — and rightly they should. His greatest accomplishments were the fascistic marriage of industry and politics — this created our current oligarchy. FDR also turned over more than half of Europe to friendly “Uncle Joe” Stalin, who proceeded to kill more than 60 million people. Communism continues to plague bodies and spirits to this day.

This too, Democrats remember fondly — when they acknowledge it at all. If you call them on it, they play the victim. They play the victim while robbing the people. Hillary learned this well.

But by far the greatest accomplishment of FDR and his conspirators was filling the universities and academies with Democrat-friendly socialist agitators, thereby subverting the purpose of higher learning and perverting these institutions into little more than political-factories where the next generation of political-correct foot soldiers would be indoctrinated.

Observe our “hallowed” universities today, particularly the Ivy League (which receives millions every year in taxpayer funds). Statistics show they are 90% Democrat at every level of bureaucracy — from administration to professors to the student body.

Do they even resemble universities anymore, or do they resemble atheistic “Cathedrals” of government neologisms and double-think?

It shouldn’t have required Donna Brazile to blow the lid off the entire scam, but we can be grateful she did. What comes now is the important part: Democrats must be purged from our political, academic and managerial institutions. We must make it clear going forward: if your loyalty is not to this nation, you have no place as a “public servant.”

We have to begin the long process educating our children, to steer them away from the weak and sexually predatory notions they have learned from Hollywood — every Democrats best friend — and turn them back in the direction of family, tradition, community, nation.

By winning the 2016 election, Donald Trump may have inadvertently saved the world from an age of neo-liberal darkness that none of us alive today would have lived to see the end. But the work is not done. It is up to responsible individuals to begin the work of setting our country right — for our children, our grandchildren, and our highest hope for a new American century.