Everyone In Washington Was Colluding With the Russians — Except Trump

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New revelations exonerate Trump and uncover the deep corruption of the establishment.

It’s been a busy week. On Monday we discovered the full extent of the “Uranium One” scandal — a likely quid-pro-quo deal between then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a Russian uranium mining company that netted Russia access to over 20% of American uranium and netted Hillary Clinton’s “Foundation” a cool 145 million dollars. Because uranium is a highly-dangerous controlled substance vital to national security, it required Hillary Clinton’s approval to go through.

We also learned that when the FBI got wind of this suspicious deal back in 2010, then-President Barack Obama along with then-DOJ Attorney General Loretta Lynch, blocked the investigation.

On Tuesday, we discovered who financed the now-infamous “Trump Dossier” that was a major catalyst in the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion under special prosecutor Robert Mueller. The answer should come as no surprise to anyone: Hillary Clinton and her political team, led by the Podesta brothers, paid the Clinton campaign lawyer Mark Elias, who paid the political smear group “Fusion GPS” to subcontract former MI-6 agent, Christopher Steele, to create the dossier — working directly with operatives within Russia itself.

But it gets even worse. It has now been uncovered that among the backers of this dossier was likely the FBI. This has not been yet been proven — however, when House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes issued a subpoena months ago for the documents from Fusion GPS and the FBI — Fusion GPS invoked the fifth in court, and the FBI is stonewalling the investigation, refusing to cooperate with the House Intelligence Committee.

Why is the FBI impeding the investigation? Answers are as yet unclear, but what this suggests is that the FBI, in refusing to cooperate with the Congress, has quietly been acting as an armed, rogue agency, with virtually unlimited funds directly from the public purse and accountable to no one — even the highest levels of our government.

Six degrees of massive corruption, all linking directly back to Russia — but not the Kremlin, or Vladimir Putin. Or what the liberal media now refers to quaintly as “opposition research.”

Trump has declared it “the modern Watergate.” It’s actually far worse.Knowingly spreading a false narrative at the highest levels of bureaucracy in order to provoke unnecessary tensions with a rival nuclear power that you’re actively selling uranium to?

It’s hard to imagine how those involved aren’t guilty of serious crimes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin might have put it best when he said: “The people who push these fake news stories fabricate them for political means. They are worse than prostitutes.”

Not surprisingly, Mrs. Clinton denies any knowledge of how the dossier was fabricated, which means she was either completely incompetent and oblivious to the inner-workings of her own team — or that she’s a bold-faced liar.

Mrs. Clinton also maintains that there was nothing unusual about the sale of American uranium to the Russians, nor the 145 million dollar “donation” to her “charity” from Uranium One directly following her approval of the sale.

More evidence will be forthcoming in the next several weeks or months. If these connections can be proven, it might be the single highest level corruption scandal that the United States has ever seen — and by far the most dangerous. If the DNC and the FBI can work in tangent to circumvent US law and endanger US citizens, then their true colors are revealed: they are a fifth column within the US government itself and they undermine US institutions and security at every level for their own private gain.

There’s a lot more swamp to drain.