Uranium One: The Russian Scandal That Will Bring Down Clinton Caba

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I owe an apology to the mainstream media: You were right. There really was a scandal involving Russia and it was under our noses the entire time.

I’m talking of course about Uranium One: the deal brokered by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her future campaign manager, John Podesta, to allow Russia control of American strategic uranium reserves — only after Clinton’s “charity” was paid a political bribe of 145 million dollars.

When the FBI got wind of it and began to investigate, then-President Barack Obama shut them down.

So certain was Hillary of her presidential victory that she openly flaunted American law to get a pay-day prior to taking the demotion of a President’s salary.

This is the scandal that will bring down the Clintons. As much as I would love to focus on the emerging evidence that the pseudo-dossier compiled on Trump (see: Russian pee-gate) was bought and paid under the direct command of Clinton herself, it pales in comparison to Uranium One.

By brokering this illegal deal and accepting a bribe for her service, Hillary Clinton drastically weakened the security and the prestige of the United States worldwide solely to enrich herself.

The problem isn’t merely that the uranium was sold, nor that a bribe was taken in recompense. The problem is that Russia is a business partner of various state-actors that are not aligned with US interests — to put it mildly. High on the list is the Islamic theocracy of Iran — who the Democrats swear up and down will never achieve nuclear capacity, erstwhile their unelected figurehead gives them all the means to do so for a cool 150 million.

Donald Trump, by contrast, has lost almost 400 million dollars during his brief tenure as President thus far. Taken side by side — the moral difference between these two characters is rather astonishing.

How many nuclear-charred and irradiated bodies will result from Hillary Clinton’s incomprehensible greed?

It was then-President Bill Clinton who authorized North Korea to create nuclear power plants that are now being used to enrich uranium and harass the world. In the future, we will remember that it was Hillary Clinton who gave Russia the uranium that allowed the Islamic theocracy of Iran to build a nuclear bomb.

Bill and Hillary Clinton will go down in history as the most disastrous villains the world has ever produced. Whereas the Soviet spies, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, gave Stalin the blueprints for making the bomb, Bill and Hillary Clinton did far more — they sold the blueprints, the materials, and the state sanctions — all for chump change.

We will never know the consequences of these heinous actions before it is too late. But it seems probable, thanks to the Clintons, that the world will never know a lasting peace again.