The Threat To American Liberty Isn’t “Alt-Right” — It’s College Students

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A campus is not a democracy. It’s time we begin expelling disruptive so-called “protesters.”

College students and their professors are increasingly mentally ill. This is not hyperbole — one only has to correlate the rise of psychiatric drug dependence with the autistic baboon-like screeching that emanates from our once hallowed halls of education. It’s not just a special welcome committee for Richard Spencer — these students gave the same deranged reception to fellow academic researchers like Douglas Murray. Two months ago, a professor who tried to defend Murray against the mob was assaulted and taken to the hospital.

Yet no arrests were made and no one was punished.

There is no “heckler’s veto” — there is only mob tyranny.

So, when the notorious Richard Spencer went down to the University of Florida yesterday, everyone expected hecklers. Spencer’s essential thesis seems to be that ethno-states already exist, all over the world — from Israel to Poland. The concept of a white ethno-state, “white Zionism”, he calls it, isn’t so radical.

If one listens to Spencer, one quickly realizes that his ideas are both controversial and innocuous. If one Israel can exist, why can’t another? Controversial, yes, but not beyond the range of a conversation. But the protesters weren’t willing to engage in anything except shouting matches and violence. The media even went out of their way to lie about the event; NBC’s Kerry Sanders told audiences that Spencer’s speech was “only to be attended by white nationalists,” a lie that Spencer publicly challenged Sanders to retract (starting around 48:30) during a press conference before the main event.

The irony that this comes on the heels of the University of Berkeley spending $600,000 to provide security for the Jewish conservative polemicist Ben Shapiro is not lost on me — though it was almost certainly lost on university administration at UF.

Just a month before, Berkeley spent $800,000 allowing Milo Yiannopolous to hold what amounted to a photo-op after dismantling his planned “Free Speech Week.”

Make no mistake — this is an internal cold war.

Politics are downstream from culture — and culture, thanks to the radical left, is decided on college campuses. If we do not crush this illiberal insurrection from these rabid neo-Marxists, we’re going to lose this cold war, and worship of government power along with the ideologies of forced submission to the mob, colloquially called “direct democracy,” will win.

I strongly believe and have good evidence for believing that Richard Spencer’s inability to speak is the fact that he has been blacklisted from almost every voice across the alternative media. He’s not being brought into the fold properly.

Yes, CNN will do a hit-piece, but will Joe Rogan do an interview? No. Will Stefan Molyneux do an interview? No. Will Dave Rubin do an interview? No. Will Sam Harris do an interview? No. Will Jordan B. Peterson do an interview? — maybe.

These men claim to uphold the principle of radical free speech, but when it comes to Richard Spencer no platform can be asked for and none will be given. Only Styxhexenhammer666 has had the courageous action of his principled convictions to give Richard Spencer a full interview and talk to him like an adult.

Youtube has tried to keep it down.

Dissident voices and dissident academics must unite.

If we do not unite against this growing threat emanating from the college campuses, these autistic screechers will one day control the reigns of civic power.

If liberty loses this great struggle, then it is clear what the future holds. Imagine a post-neo liberal plural identity transexual non-binary psychotic wearing a pussy hat and soiled flip flops. Imagine him/her/it/xer stamping down on a human face — forever.