The Corruption of Hollywood Is Far Worse Than Even The Catholic Church

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It turns out there are no actresses. There are only glorified prostitutes.


If you aren’t feeling disgust and revulsion, you haven’t been paying attention.

Harvey Weinstein was the Golden Calf of Hollywood. Everyone wanted to be him, everyone wanted a photo with him, and everyone knew the dark truth: he was a serial sex offender and probable rapist with an offence record that made Bill Cosby seem pale in comparison.

Everyone knew. No one did or said anything. They even made jokes about it.


Because Harvey Weinstein was the Golden Calf and Hollywood worships the Golden Calf, they always have. Everyone there was more than happy to satisfy Weinstein’s disturbing demands.


What were his demands? To turn every actress who passed by his office into a whore — or else eject her from Hollywood for denying the religion he ruled.

Like Roman Polanski before him, his acolytes are crawling out from under rocks to defend their worship of Harvey Weinstein. What a coincidence.

Some actresses spoke out and were immediately silenced. But far, far more willingly paid the wages of sin: they offered their bodies to this disgusting man. They worshipped his member as though it was a sacred instrument of God and named it moral, named it liberal.

Worse: they initiated others into their worship; they seduced, lulled and betrayed with wealth, power, and sacrifice.

And they loved it. Every second of it. Don’t believe their lies.

These actresses who accuse Harvey Weinstein — why now? Because the Weinstein Company is no longer making money. Because Hollywood is going bankrupt, and the pagan worshipers there have lost faith in the power of their Golden Calf.

So they turn on him with all the viciousness of pagans, or they defend him with all the lies of pagans. It’s all the same.

They all feign ignorance of his evil while simultaneously joking about it, while consuming his flesh for every dollar that it is worth.

Make no mistake — these are pagans. Hollywood and those who rule Hollywood are all pagans. They worship at the phallus of the Golden Calf. After they have destroyed Weinstein, they will erect another Golden Calf and paganism in Hollywood will continue unchanged.

No actors, no actresses; only pagan acolytes and glorified prostitutes serving morsels of nubile flesh to their insatiable false god. That’s all Hollywood will ever be. Now wake up.