You’re 100 Times More Likely To Be Murdered By A Democrat Than A Conservative

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Trigger Warning: These statistics are not politically correct.

Gun violence is not an American problem. It’s a Democrat problem. The evidence is clear. Victims of gun violence are overwhelming in Democrat-controlled cities and the perpetrators are overwhelming on the left.

Last night around 10:30pm local time, an Alt-Left terrorist named Stephen Paddock orchestrated a planned attack from his Las Vegas hotel-room balcony at Mandalay Bay on a crowd of 22,000 people enjoying a country-music concert.

50 dead and 400 injured so far (otherwise known as “five days in Chicago”). These numbers will climb before this article is finished. (EDIT: ISIS has since claimed responsibility, calling it an attack for Allah.)

Like many people this morning, I woke, saw the news and cursed. Then I had three thoughts on God:

1) May God rest the souls of the dead;

2) Damned be the Godless son of a bitch who did this;


3) Oh God. If this guy is wearing a MAGA-hat, we’re going to be hearing about it through Christmas.

But some part of me knew instinctively that this wasn’t likely to be the case. People are crazy, but details still matter.

One, it seemed odd that a Trump supporter would shoot up a country-music venue.

Two, statistics are clear: you’re a hundred times more likely to be gunned down by a Democrat than someone who “clings to guns and religion.”

My instinct proved true: Stephen Paddock confirmed for a radical leftist. What the hell is it about the Left? Why do almost all violent gang members and Islamic terrorists (and their dads) vote for the left? Because this is the reality of political violence in the world: it’s the guy who believes in a government-mandated “better world” who will kill you. Why? From his pure resentment over being alive and not living in his socialist utopia.

In June, known Bernie-Bro James Hodgkinson took a rifle to a baseball game and almost killed Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. “This is how Bernie can still win?”

It’s become so prevalent, psychologists had to invent a new concept out of whole-cloth. They call it “Trump Derangement-syndrome.”

It’s the social justice warrior who is looking to kill. I mean that literally: the 20th century tells the story. Right-wingers simply want to be left alone to pass on something meaningful to their children.

The political Left has such power over the media, the newspapers and the academies in this country that they are capable of putting forward false narratives and defending them without a demand for evidence. Such as: “Russia-gate.” “Multiculturalism is Strength.” And their current favorite: “you’re more likely to be killed by a white guy than a terrorist.”

This third falsehood is particularly absurd because they omit 9/11 from their “terror body-count.” They also omit the fact that you’re more likely to be killed by a Democrat voting African-American anyone else — this is why they only bring up racial statistics when it’s to try and intimidate white Republicans. All other racial statistics are “off limits, racist.”

Calls for gun control have been flooding the media since early this morning. Irony never strikes the Democrats that if we simply disarmed their own supporters, particularly minority Democrats, the US would be one of the safest countries in the world.

Not politically correct, but factually accurate. Yet I do not support the disarmament of anyone, no matter the statistics. I believe in liberty and moral choices.

Democrats however, do not believe in liberty. Too triggering. And when a Democrat gets triggered, their trigger-finger starts to itch and burn. Don’t make the Democrat angry — the least-worst thing you might get is a bottle of piss thrown at you. But the worst thing will be a full-scale hysteria that ends in confiscation and involuntary re-education.

Don’t give in to their manufactured hysteria. Don’t join a safe-space.

#PrayForLasVegas and to your own self be true.