Americans Voted For MAGA. No One Voted For DACA

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Do we need a refresher course on the difference between the two?

Liberal commentators have called for America to have a “referendum” on DACA. Their producers might remind them that we had a referendum — it went on for more than 18 months and concluded on November 8, 2016. DACA may have began as an illegal executive action, but it ended in a historic Presidential upset.

When a liberal claims that Trump is “destroying DACA” they aren’t only referring to the specific executive action Obama took in 2012. It goes much deeper than that.

“DACA”, broadly understood, is the neo-liberal thesis in a nutshell:

No sovereignty and no borders, just an endless exchange of interchangeable bodies all changing currency for material things. That’s what Trump is destroying. He is putting Americans first.

The vision of DACA is part and parcel with the vision that Hillary Clinton laid out to foreign banking executives in South America — it is a vision of a borderless world bound together only by a global economy filled with vapid commercial units.

Call these commercial units “people”, but we wouldn’t recognize them.

These would not be people defined by any family, region, language, profession, religion, or government — only whatever meaningless polygot is most efficient for the banking interest with the majority share at the time.

This vision of the world, the neo-liberal vision of the world, assumes that political history did’t begin until 1965 and that everything after is only an eternal return of 1965, the same civil rights struggle played out over and over, forever.

No more great architectural achievements, no more noble goals — “history is over”, the neo-liberal believes, and all that is left to do is to recreate human beings according to their ideology — which means separating them into two categories: the “Allies” and the Nazis.

The vision of MAGA

MAGA is part and parcel with the vision that Donald Trump laid out to the American voters. It is an attempt at building A genuine American identity — an identity that hearkens back to when America was still the greatest country in the world.

What it specifically means varies from voter to voter, but we can state what it rejects. Here are the three essential rejections of the MAGA doctrine:

  1. It rejects the neo-liberal “post-national” philosophy that would strip America of its traditional identity as a specific people. It does not believe that all people are entitled equally, but that the American people can and must come first in the world. To that end, it believes that the Bill of Rights are the exclusive protections granted to Americans alone, and are not granted arbitrarily to any criminal who crosses the border.
  2. It rejects the “magic dirt” theory of the American Proposition. An Indian who crosses illegally into China is not therefore Chinese, and a foreigner who crosses illegally into America is not therefore American. We are an identifiable people, “dirt” doesn’t make us anything. MAGA acknowledges that everyone in the world wants to live in America, and that not everyone can and not everyone should.
  3. It rejects completely the neo-liberal thesis that we are at the “end of history.” It rejects absolutely the idea that we live in a post-identity age and all that matters are “civil rights” for every new invented group and subtype. It rejects the neo-liberal doctrine of cynicism that claims a welfare program is more important than a space program, or that “equity” is more important than liberty. In everything, it posits that the highest possible goals and struggles of the American people are the primary goal of our civic life.

Taken together, it creates a powerful counter-thesis:

MAGA asserts that the West still exists, that America is part of it, and that traditional Western identity as it has always been understood has a right to continue exist into the future. It is a message of hope, of survival, for the future of our children and the continuity of our people. These are the essential rejections that makes MAGA a challenge to neo-liberalism, to DACA, and to all those who would bring their post-national, globalist shilling to American shores. If there is still anything great to be found in the American soul, the MAGA doctrine will discover it.