Peace Through Violence: CNN Becomes Unofficial ANTIFA Network

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One wonders if the phrasing “War is Peace” was too on the nose.

On Sunday the geniuses at CNN wrote an astonishing article. “Activists Seek Peace Through Violence.” Meet Antifa: your friendly neighborhood anti-fascists who dress like ISIS and will bring peace to your streets with baseball bats and bottles of urine.

CNN thinks this is all stupendous news because Antifa hates Trump. When these same violent agitators disrupted a free speech rally in Boston earlier today, headlines ran: “Love wins!”.

Antifa pelted police officers with rocks and bottles of urine and more than 20 were arrested— but CNN knows this is a small price to pay against the tyranny of free speech, right?

If your streets are lacking fascists for Antifa to do violence upon, never fear: they are also more than happy to do violence against Trump supporters, police officers, Christians, cis-genders and just about anyone else who rejects their radical Marxist doctrine.

These are the Alt-Left that Trump warned us about. It’s no surprise that they found an ally in CNN, who have spent the last three years pushing an anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-capitalist, anti-police resentment on it’s few remaining viewers.

It’s my personal opinion that the Alt-Left, Antifa, is far more dangerous than the Alt-Right. No one is even certain that the Alt-Right exists, but we do know that the Alt-Right has never attacked police, nor has it shown any desire to shut down free speech.

When Antifa finally reveals themselves as the violent anarchists they really are, we can remember what network to blame for their rise to power.