DACA: Democrats Against the Citizens of America

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DACA represented a violent theft against every American child.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that DACA was an unconstitutional and illegal overreach by the White House under Barack Obama. He’s right. It’s explicit criminal object was to offer amnesty to illegal alien criminals residing in the United States, to sanction their undermining of the US legal code, and to encourage them to have children to “anchor” them to the country.

Democrats claim that DACA was a “big hearted measure” to try and protect children. Like most claims from the left, this is a bold-faced lie. The “children” they speak of are in excess of 30 years old and as many as 75% of them have criminal records.

DACA was, in reality,

The ugliest and cruelest exploitation of American citizens ever conceived of by a political party. The number of Americans, men women and children, who were robbed, raped, or killed by criminals protected by DACA will never be known.

So what ulterior motive might the Democrats have to usurp the arbitrated powers granted by the Constitution to protect these criminals?

To speculate on the mind of criminality is a complex and thankless task, but a good place to start is by assuming the worst possible motives imaginable, and work our way backwards. What is the worst possible reason Democrats have for DACA?


They want to displace those American citizens who understand history and love liberty (and thus, would never vote for Democrats) and replace them with foreigners from socialist governments who have no idea what liberty even is.

Well, since this is the stated motivation that Democrats use, we have no reason to look further. It is the worst of all possible motives. The Democrats are performing “Democide”: that is, they are actively eliminating a demographic of citizens of their own country for voting purposes.

Democrats know that they’ve lost the argument:

Americans haven’t wanted to vote for the donkey since the 1960s. But poorly educated minorities from government schools and foreigners don’t know any better — and Democrats couldn’t be happier about it. They encourage foreigners and minorities to have as many babies as possible — while chastising whites, who vote predominately Republican, for having any children at all (leading to population decline process known as “demographic winter”).


Prior to Ted Kennedy’s “Big-Hearted” 1965 Immigration Act, United States Demographics were roughly 90% White / 10% Black. After two generations, it’s now 60% White / 30% Hispanic / 10% Black. (Incidentally, this pattern is what some on the extreme right have labeled “white genocide.”)

Those 30% of Hispanic voters (who vote 95% Democrat) represent the Left’s fifth column and democide against the rightful inheritors of this great nation. Their Mexican voters aren’t “assimilating”: they’re turning the Southwest into northern Mexico — full of leftist politics, corruption and murder. Democide Against Citizens of America (DACA).

Thank God for President Trump

He actually takes his oath to our people serious and this country first. When is the last time we’ve had such a President? It’s not too late to save ourselves, but it soon will be.

If this trend of importing illegal immigrants and their families to vote for Democrats is not reversed and soon, by 2040 there will be no one left alive who can point to the difference between America and Mexico — aside from the fact that Mexico has strict racial immigration laws.