North Korea Exists Because of Clinton. It Will Burn Because of Trump.

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Donald Trump blasted South Korean “appeasement.” He’s right.

When I say, “North Korea exists,” I don’t mean as a spacial territory marked out on a map. In the modern world, nation states do not exist unless they have thermonuclear arms, because thermonuclear arms (hydrogen bombs) are the only basis guaranteed sovereignty. Yesterday, North Korea tested a thermonuclear weapon underground, and now they “exist” in the modern sense, now they are truly, terrifyingly sovereign.

And now they must be totally destroyed. Here’s why:

How is a hydrogen bomb different?

The simple answer is that a hydrogen bomb uses a nuclear bomb just for its trigger-device. The capacity of a hydrogen bomb is tens of times greater than that of a simple A-bomb of the sort we dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. One hydrogen bomb can core out the center of a modern metropolis and vaporize ten million souls in matter of instants.

Power is all that matters in global politics, and no power is more threatening than the power of total annihilation. We should be disgusted by the thought of it.

This has happened…

Because Bill Clinton allowed it to happen. In perhaps the single greatest act of political stupidity in 20th century, Clinton gave North Korea access nuclear power on the empty promise that they wouldn’t enrich uranium.

Almost immediately, they began enriching uranium.

At this moment in history there is only one man with the will and the resolution to end the horror before it becomes another mushroom cloud over Japan, or South Korea, or Guam. North Korea wants to rule with the tyranny of fear — and appeasement is choosing tyranny.

All violence is uncertain.

But that doesn’t make all violence unjust. Donald Trump is no appeaser. He will choose violence.

The fact that there are still those who want to continue to appease Kim Jong Un is worse than baffling: it is disgusting cowardice. We should know the cost of this kind of cowardice by now. It was this cowardice that allowed the butcher Josef Stalin to take possession of more than half of Europe after WWII and kill 60 million people.

Those who lived in Eastern Europe then still remember the tyranny of fear. Cowardice in Asia now could be unimaginably more disastrous and deadly still.

After WWII a few men were prescient of the dangers of leaving Moscow unchallenged. We were the only ones who could have stopped Stalin — but we didn’t listen. The blood of Eastern Europe is on our hands.

We must listen now.

This is our responsibility, ours and ours alone. It is a burden to be the world’s only superpower, but it is our burden to bear.

If we do nothing, there will not enough water in our irradiated oceans to wash away the blood. If we do something, with faith in God and the combined might of our allies, we will prevail over this menace. We do so not because we want war, but because we want peace. In the words of a Founding Father, Thomas Paine:

“I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.”