Lamentations — Will We Be Replaced?

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Lamentations 5:2–4: Will We Be Replaced?

There are many here among us who feel as though they are orphans in our own land. Why? Are we not among the lands of our fathers?

Lamentations 5:2

“Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers, our houses to aliens.”

Our fathers maintained a goodly portion of what was inherited to them from their fathers — so, where is it? Our houses are gone, home ownership is at an all-time low. Our communities are gone and our churches are empty, now we have the secular religions of the universities and an opioid crisis.

When one considers the land that our fathers built and what it has become today, we must acknowledge that we are treated as strangers in this land. There are no protections for our faith or our heritage. We are told not to worry and that these foreigners in our father’s house, and that they are the same as us.

Before God this is so, but — to us they are still strangers, and did God not grant us the power to discern between our own mother and a strange woman?

Lamentations 5:3

“We have become orphans without a father, our mothers like widows.”

The empty place where fathers used to be is all too real in the modern age. Many of us do not know our fathers. Worse, still, our modern world has little interest in taking care of the orphan and the widow.

An unjust proportion of attention is given to the foreigner and the stranger above the widow and the orphan— is this how it ought to be in the land of our fathers?

Lamentations 5:4

“We have to pay for drinking our own water.”

If we say, “See here, this water is ours, it belonged to our fathers!” we are called deviants in the secular halls and shunned in the cities. Our politicians tell us that the country of our fathers don’t want us unless we reject Christ and embrace the gods of foreigners and strangers in our land — the gods of iron and wood and stone and fire.

Caesar gives us “democracy”, but when we try to express our desires, he brings in foreigners to outnumber us and outstrip our voting power.

We are truly being replaced. Should we submit to this outrage, or should we declare as Abram did to Lot: “See here! Please separate from me! And if you go left I will go right, and if you go right I will go left — but we will not go together.” (Genesis 13:8)