No, “White America” Is Not Hateful. But Leftists Are Extraordinarily Hateful.

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Overthrowing Western Civilization by establishing a Matriarchal Tyranny

To understand the hateful pathology of the Democrats, we have to understand their goal: to overthrow the “capitalist Patriarchy” (ie Western Civilization) and establish it’s opposite: a socialist Matriarchy in which every aspect of men’s lives are regimented and regulated by government power like little children beneath the brutal hand of a dictatorial mother.

Thus far we have been protected from this sad fate by the unique quality of our Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights. But we are long since in the process of losing our Bill of Rights and becoming the true Canadian province Democrats want — that is to say, a police-state that imprisons its citizens for thought-crime.

This is the goal of the Democratic media-academic establishment and their useful idiots, ANTIFA. Step 1: Declare all their enemies “Nazis.”

I say “media-academic” because the two things are essentially one, a duopoly of power and two heads on one monster. The media is trained and coordinated by the academies which try to use their power and influence to pervert the goals of the government outlined in the Constitution. Studies suggest that public policy makers are 95% Leftists.

What is their latest item on their chopping block? Free Speech and the Electoral College — two protections guaranteed by the Constitution. Why? Because they want “mass-democracy’ and the freedom to speak truth is a direct challenge to mass-democracy where mob ignorance rules.

Our Founders’ knew better than to trust the mob; in the Federalist Papers (no. 10), James Madison warns that the call for mass democracy is one among three causes of societal ruin throughout history. The Democrats rebuttal is that the Founders were “haters.”

In fact, the common refrain we hear from the media-academic elite and their political-meatpuppets is that “White America” is filled with hate and must be dismantled, stone by stone. This is the justification they give for importing brown foreign voters for their “mass democracy” and preventing the white majority from speaking.

There is indeed hate in America. In an effort to clear up the myth that “white America” is the source this hate, I have compiled a short list of all the things Democrats and their pet minorities hate about Americans in general, but white people in particular:

They hate our traditions.

They hate our statues.

They hate our culture.

They hate our accents.

They hate the color of our hair.

They hate the patterns we recognize.

They hate our willingness to speak the truth.

They hate our unwillingness to be cowed by the mob.

They hate our children for their “privilege.”

They hate our SAT scores.

They hate our institutions.

They hate our economic systems.

They hate our Bible.

They hate our Electoral College.

They hate our “inalienable rights from God.”

They hate our tradition of firearms.

They hate our “micro-aggression.”

They hate our traditional families.

They hate our traditional categories of gender.

They hate our nationalism.

They hate our “liberty.”

They hate the wars our forefathers fought.

They hate our President for putting America First.

They hate the color of our skin.

The danger of this trend cannot be overstated. There is, in fact, a cancerous tumor of hate destroying America from within — but it doesn’t come from “white America.” It comes from the Democrats. It comes from the Progressives. It comes from ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. It comes from scam artists like Linda Sarsour and Al Sharpton and their pathological drive to “overthrow the Patriarchy” and establish a matriarchal tyranny.

If the neo-global Democrats or their useful idiot wing, the Progressives, take back power in 2020, both the first amendment and the Electoral College will almost certainly be curtained.

And then they really will Make America Mexico Again (MAMA).