The Hurricane and the Taqiyya Grifter Linda Sarsour

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Not all terrorists wear black masks or carry bombs.

Taqiyya is an Islamic term — it refers to the religiously sanctioned act of lying to non-Muslims for the purpose of terror and Islamic Jihad. This is what Linda Sarsour has spent her career doing — advocating for terror both overseas and within our domestic population with Democratic sanctions.

Her latest stunt has Americans funding her terror project, but she has been exposed.

On Wednesday, Sarsour, the former Bernie Sanders surrogate, revealed her true nature behind the innocent-looking mask of lies. After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Sarsour jumped into action and claimed to be raising money for the victims.

The only problem?

Her “fund” is a scam: pure and simple. It’s not going to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, it’s an fundraiser for continuing Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Islamic radicals and Alt-Left violence.

From her own website:

Together we will organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.

In other words: the funds go to promote Sarsour’s agenda of religious and racial unrest in the United States.

As the National Review explains:

“It’s pure political activism, not a request for aid for hurricane victims. The funds Sarsour is collecting aren’t going to any legitimate relief organizations, they’re going to the but instead to the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, a PAC that “advances racial and economic justice through community and electoral organizing”.

The funds are going to terror-sympathizers and race-hucksters like herself and Al Sharpton, to glut the coffers of domestic gangs like Black Lives Matter and Antifa — their two favorite pet groups, respectively.

Not one dime will go to Texans displaced by Hurricane Harvey. That’s the grift.

Her response has been predictable — she claims that the charges of fraud against her are “racism against people of color.” Not a word said about her advocacy of Sharia Law.

Linda Sarsour has made a name for herself over the last five years as one of the Left’s favorite pet Muslims and she has received honors from “prestigious” places like former President Barack Obama and CAIR. Earlier this year, she made headlines championing and leading the “Women’s March” against Donald Trump.

The march, as most now realize, was never about women. It’s purpose was to increase Sarsour’s wealth and notoriety — which it accomplished.

The most disturbing thing about Sarsour isn’t her malicious lies, or her activism for domestic terrorists — it’s the fact that she vocally and enthusiastically supports Sharia Law, genital mutilation for women and Islamic terrorist violence overseas — all under the guise of “Progressive feminism.” This is what I mean by Sarsour’s “Taqiyya.”

And the Democrats and Progressives actually believe her. Useful idiots.

Some have tried to challenge Sarsour, including Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an Islamic Sharia survivor. Ali criticized Sarsour’s advocacy of Islamic violence. Sarsour responded by saying she wishes she could “cut out Hirsi Ali’s vagina.”

Moreover, Ali’s effort to challenge Sarsour earned for her effort was a place on the SPLC’s “Hate List.” — practically a direct call for violence against her.

This is how deep the Left’s support for Sarsour goes.

Until Hurricane Harvey, Linda Sarsour was nearly untouchable. Even when she openly called for violence in the streets, she retained her privileged status on the Left. Is this the beginning of the end of Linda Sarsour’s leftist privilege? It cannot come soon enough.

Sarsour is not only ideologically and morally unhinged, she is a danger to this country, it’s ethos and it’s people. She openly despises everything about the West and advocates replacing it with Islamic radicalism. How long until Sarsour, intentionally or otherwise, funds the murder of American citizens? Sarsour must be challenged, now, or the chance to reveal her might slip away. This country has a sad habit of allowing terrorists to act with impunity until it’s too late. We cannot make that mistake again.

Let’s put an end to Linda Sarsour’s taqiyya dreams. If we don’t, the inevitable blood of the innocent will be on our hands as well.