Socialism 2.0: Bernie Sanders, Antifa and the Alt-Left

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Do you want breadlines? Because this is how you get breadlines.

This isn’t about whether Bernie “would have won.”

Who knows. Maybe. And if Hillary would have been more likable, maybe she would have won. The counter-factuals are endless. But Bernie lost, thank God. A Bernie Sanders victory would have meant an eight-year tyranny of the Alt-Left, one that America may never have recovered from.

All of Bernie Sanders’ great social initiatives have been thoroughly rebutted by serious economics and experts. Medicaid for all? No thanks; healthcare has enough problems without doubling the price and halving the quality.Hate-speech laws? No thanks, America doesn’t want to be Canada where you can be arrested for offending a minority group. Free four-year universities? The problem that university students face today is that the market is over-saturated with degrees — Bernie’s “solution” would make degrees literally worthless (and taxes would still go up). Besides — who in their right mind believes that allowing the bureaucrats to turn college into a voluntary extension of high school is a good idea?

Moreover, while Bernie poses as a non-interventionist,

He generally has supported all wars that are good for Israel — including one in Syria on the false pretense of chemical weapons. But perhaps most disastrous of all, in particular for American workers and families, Bernie’s “friendly” socialism, an ad hoc mixture of welfare redistribution and foreign amnesty would have seen the US flooded by economic migrants that made the European migrant disaster seem like a Puerto Rican Day parade.

But the worst part of Bernie’s hypothetical Presidency would have been the explosion of Antifa and across the world. Heartened by Bernie’s nonsensical rhetoric about the majesty of breadlines and unearned equity, Antifa would have swollen its ranks like never before and may have become a society-destabilizing force.

Thank God none of that happened. But it still might. It was the liberals who created the term “Alt-Left” to describe the Bernie bros — and they have a point.